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Manaiakalani Film Festival...

Manaiakalani Schools are proud to present the 13th annual Manaiakalani Film Festival on Wednesday the 11th of November 2020.


Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers 

Our Innovative Teacher Academy was established in 2013. It is enabled by the Spark Foundation and the Manaiakalani Education Trust to provide innovative teachers the opportunity to form a network for support and mentoring as they continue to explore ways to enrich the lives and learning of the young people they work with. Find out more...
  Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy

New Zealand Schools require teachers to be at home in a digital world. Manaiakalani Education Trust in partnership with Google and the University of Auckland created an exciting and innovative opportunity for 2013 primary and secondary graduates. 10 provisionally registered first-year teachers in 2014-15 are building future pedagogies and the digital competencies required of teachers entering the profession. Read more...

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