Visiting us
This information is provided for individuals or groups interested in visiting and learning more about the Manaiakalani Programme:

Visit a Manaiakalani School

If you have a particular school in mind that you wish to visit and learn more about, you should contact the principal of that school and negotiate a visit in the normal way. Click here for the Manaiakalani Schools page

Individual School Visit

The Manaiakalani Education Programme

If your interest is in; the community of schools, the education programme and how we collectively work together to achieve our co-constructed goals, working with whānau and the wider community, or learning and change within the teaching community, we recommend registering for one of the whole day PLD opportunities we are hosting in 2019. Registration form and details are below.

The Manaiakalani Education Programme

The Manaiakalani Education Trust

If your interest is in establishing an education trust to support the goals of your community, creating partnerships with commercial and philanthropic supporters, or working with external agencies, we recommend you contact the CEO of Manaiakalani Education Trust, Jenny Oxley. Click here to contact Jenny

The Manaiakalani Education Trust

Register for a PLD Visit to the Manaiakalani Cluster below.

Read the information and complete the form.  Please submit a separate entry for EACH attendee.

    We look forward to meeting you.

Visiting Manaiakalani Schools in 2019