2010 July Holidays - Student Internet Usage

Internet Survey Summary – July 2010 - Download entire report at bottom of page.


This survey was administered after the school break in July 2010. It was an impromptu survey initiated by the Project Facilitator, Dorothy Burt, and conducted to ascertain the use of the internet in the students’ own time. This baseline survey was set up to explore the amount of use, tools used and the type of activity chosen. Six of the seven schools took part in this survey and only some classrooms were surveyed.

The questions were:
1.    Did you go on the internet in the holidays?
2.    Did you go on the internet by yourself (ie. You held the mouse) or did you watch other people using the internet?
3.    What did you look at most on the internet?
4.    How many children visited school or cluster blogs?
5.    Where did you use the internet?
6.    What device did you use to access the internet?

Teachers were also asked how accurate they thought their information was. Of the 29 teachers participating, 10 said highly accurate, 19 said fairly accurate. This was purely the participating teachers’ opinion.

Section One of this report shows each schools’ results for each question as well as an overall cluster result, and for some questions the results are shown from lead teacher classrooms only. This will show general trends across the cluster and within each school. It may also show a difference in results for lead teachers and those who are not lead teachers.

Section Two of this report shows the results of each question from a Year Group perspective. This may show any differences there are in internet use of students at different ages. Schools were broken into three groups – Junior Years 1 to 4, Middle Years 5 and 6, Intermediate Years 7 and 8. Composite Yr4 /5 and Yr 6 /7 classes were put in the Middle Group.

At the end of each section there will be a summary of main findings. A conclusion of general trends and questions this information evokes will complete the report.
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17 Dec 2013, 01:57