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2012 Report

2012 Report

From the Executive Summary:

This is the first of our milestone reports on the evaluation of the Manaiakalani Project. This report is a summary of a detailed report from Auckland UniServices Limited prepared by the Woolf Fisher Research Centre. Details of each of the sections summarised here are contained in the Full Report (Jesson, McNaughton, & Wilson, 2013).

In this report we provide preliminary evidence, our conclusions from that evidence, and recommendations. The purpose of the evaluation over three years is to determine the effects of the Manaiakalani initiative by analysing the variability in implementation across classrooms and schools, and using the analyses of variability to make judgments of what the innovation adds to student outcomes. It is complemented by, and complements, three other research focused projects and together these will enable us to provide detailed feedback to our partners to help the further redesign and development of the innovation.

The three evaluation questions to which this preliminary report contributes are:
1. What are the patterns of Valued Student Outcomes (including achievement, critical literacy and engagement) for different student groups (Māori, Pasifika; male and female) over three years across year levels; at class, school and cluster levels?
2. What are the patterns of classroom teaching (including use of Netbooks within the Literacy Cycle) over three years across year levels; at class, school and cluster levels?
3. How do the variations in classroom teaching relate to Valued Student Outcomes?
Research Milestone July 2013

The research report is available     
and as a Full Report


The slideshow below was presented to the combined principals and teachers of the Manaiakalani Schools on Monday July 1st 2013 at Tamaki College:

Research Milestone 2012