Nau Mai, Haere Mai!

Greetings and welcome whanau!

What makes the Manaiakalani Programme so successful is the active participation of our whanau. Here we encourage you to stay connected and informed about what is happening in our community. This page is for you!

What's the big deal?

The big deal is that none of this is possible without you! Through the Manaiakalani Programme, a lot of our children's learning happens outside the classroom and right under your nose in your own house. Connected whanau is vital to ensure we provide a healthy environment for our children to explore and learn. We can guide them to experience opportunities we would never have dreamed of. Your role ensures that all our tamariki are able to do so. But don't worry, we will happily show you how you can help.

What could I do?

There are lots of ways we can work together and stay connected in our children's learning:

Home School Partnerships
Have your say about your child’s learning by joining your school’s Home School Partnership. Meetings are once a term. Please contact your school for information.

Whanau Digital Device Training
We run sessions every week for whanau, providing you with the skills you need to support your child. We teach everyone from beginners to confident technology users. Find out more.

Kawa of Care
This is an agreement between students, parents and your school. Please read and sign it to ensure everyone gets the best out of the digital device programme.

Manaiakalani Film Festival
Come along to celebrate your child’s work at our annual Manaiaklani Film Festival, held every November.

Latest news
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In Whanau...

The Boards of Trustees’ from Manaiakalani schools combine regularly for decision-making and oversight of the implementation of the Manaiakalani programme.

You can be a CyberSmart parent.

Ever heard of blogs, youtube, facebook, twitter? You may not have, but you can bet your children know all about them and more!

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Gus’s story

Gus Ngapera’s Story:
A parent and board of trustee perspective

May 2013

I was gunning for Manaiakalani from the beginning and jumped on it straight away. Why?


Board's Forum
Whanau Learning
Whanau Stories



Resources for Whanau.

Check out the links below for helpful information and resources on being a CyberSmart Parent. 

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We want to hear from you

Please visit this page and fill out our feedback from. 

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