Our Story in 2011:

The Manaiakalani Schools partnering with the parent community.

To enable them to:

  • engage with their child/ren's education 
  • provide feedback/feedforward 
  • gain personal confidence with digital age tools, particularly those being used at home
May 2011
Each school has held at least two home school partnerships this year focussing on goals of the Manaiakalani project.  Although a significant proportion of our parents have limited experience in this area, their willingness to engage has been very evident.  Perhaps the biggest statement of interest and support from our parent community is that we have not had one family object to their child/ren participating in the netbook programme across our cluster schools.
Hui have been held each term and the overall goals of the cluster have been presented as reminders.  Then the current project of work (ie rolling out the netbooks across the pilot classes) has been presented and discussed. In most schools the principal, key teachers, facilitators and the researcher have participated.
Parents have been warmly invited to question, to offer opinion and to co-construct procedures, processes and solutions.
NB: Context for this resource is provided in the reflective summary here...

November 2011

As well as the work described above continuing each term, prior to the netbooks going home with the students at night the parents have all attended at least one hui where the 'Kawa of Care' was discussed and parents were given the opportunity to talk through their concerns and questions.
The document which formed the basis of the discussions and they signed before taking the netbooks home, is available here:

Parent engagement with the online work shared by their children continues - within the bounds of their whanau access to computers.  Parents enjoy leaving feedback/feedforward.

Examples such as this:
Year 6 girl from St Pius X school - whanau comments on her blog posts
Year 4 student at Glenbrae School - whanau comments on class blog
Year 5 girl at Pt England School - Mother makes amusing comment
Parents have attended home school partnership hui to engage with the process around their children owning a netbook of their own.  Two examples are embedded below:
Tamaki College
Panmure Bridge School

Home School Partnership - Netbook hui

*Update: November 2011*

Year 9 Tamaki College

Whanau Hui to discuss Kawa of Care and other netbook issues

Pt England School "Kawa of Care" Hui

Key lessons for the cluster

Our parents 
  • are vitally interested in this programme
  • are very supportive of the programme
  • want to be upskilled along with their children
  • have realistic and practical suggestions and ideas for how to make the 1:1 project work in their own home situations
  • are continuing to be supportive and grateful that this opportunity is available for their children
  • are investing $15/month in their child's education, confounding historic myths that Decile 1a parents are not interested in their children's education
  • are requesting more individualised options to be made available to suit their financial circumstances eg a one-size-fits-all date for money to come out of their accounts (1st and 15th of month) makes payments difficult for some.
  • are proactively approaching the schools about their circumstances eg requesting netbook stays at school after trialling it going home because of security concerns
  • are requesting financial literacy help, including understanding insurance and warrantee issues
  • are requesting help with online 'cybersmart' issues

Next steps towards achieving the cluster goal/s: March 2011

In response to parent request for more formal training programmes to upskill we have entered discussions with Te Puna Kokiri who have agreed to fund a whanau engagement programme for Manaiakalani.
These are the outcomes we are working towards with TPK:
  1. Whanau capacity is increased to enable safety and good management of children with netbooks. ...Success Indicator: Agreed kawa is implemented and being practiced
  2. Whanau capacity and confidence is increased to enable participation in the child learning journey.... Success Indicator: Family members are visibly engaging with their children’s education
  3. Student Personal Voice is developed and created content is shared with an authentic audience... Success Indicator: Student work is published to a global audience
  4. Whanau work & employability habits are developed and practiced....Success Indicator: Students have jobs that pay for their netbooks and build up personal savings
We have had verbal approval for funding and support from TPK towork towards these goals and are awaiting written confirmation at the time of writing.

November 2011

On September 30th the Manaiakalani Education Trust entered into a formal partnership for one year with Te Puni Kokiri.   TPK agreed to support these goals:

  1. Whanau capacity increased to
  • enable safe and good management of their children with netbooks
  • enable participation in their child's learning and education journey
  • (along with the students) develop and create 'student personal voice content' to be shared with authentic audiences

The trust has employed Courtney Brown ( a local student, ex head girl of Tamaki College, graduating from University) to take up the role of whanau engagement within the Manaiakalani schools. She will be working with parents and the Manaiakalani teachers aides (university students).

The trust has appointed Anita Sarich to work with the parents from January 2012 to develop financial literacy and support the school admin staff as they work with parents and the Trust.

This video is of the TPK representatives signing the partnership agreement with the Manaiakalani Education Trust on September 30th 2012

The Boards of Trustees’ from Manaiakalani schools combine regularly for decision-making and oversight of the implementation of the Manaiakalani programme.

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