Resources for Whanau

Check out the links below for helpful information and resources on being a CyberSmart Parent.


A high school interactive 'game' that simulates the online world, warts and all. It has security threats and painful events, the sort that will wreck a good time
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Common Sense Media

A fantastic site for resources, video's and advice that are easy to understand and can help you as a parent when it comes to your children and their CyberSafety.
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Fantastic site with great reads about on facebook, youtube and the massive digital world. Take charge when it comes to using the internet in your home!
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Scooby Says

Check out this fantastic site 'Scooby Says' for Tamaki College students - don't be fooled, these resources are great to check out as parents too!
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The orb

A place to report online incidents which may break NZ law.
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Digital Footprint

A tool to help you work out what information to keep private and what is okay to share, used by Manaiakalani PD Facilitator Fiona Grant.
Digital Footprint Resource

In Whanau...

The Boards of Trustees’ from Manaiakalani schools combine regularly for decision-making and oversight of the implementation of the Manaiakalani programme.

You can be a CyberSmart parent.

Ever heard of blogs, youtube, facebook, twitter? You may not have, but you can bet your children know all about them and more!

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Gus’s story

Gus Ngapera’s Story:
A parent and board of trustee perspective

May 2013

I was gunning for Manaiakalani from the beginning and jumped on it straight away. Why?


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Resources for Whanau.

Check out the links below for helpful information and resources on being a CyberSmart Parent. 

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