Manaiakalani Education Trust has the following vacancies:

1. Manaiakalani Researcher (Maths and Numeracy)

Working with 120 Manaiakalani schools as part of the Manaiakalani Research and Evaluation Programme

Location: Auckland

Evaluating and advising on effective teacher practice to improve student achievement outcomes in mathematics and numeracy

The Manaiakalani Education Trust is seeking an experienced educator to join our research team to lead strategies to raise maths achievement across Māori, Pasifika and economically disadvantaged learners. Research is a fundamental element of Manaiakalani delivery, enabling continued innovation in response to evidence of effective practice, independent assurance of achievement shift in multiple subjects, and quantitative measurement of the programme’s impact. This new role requires deep knowledge, experience and understanding of academic and practical approaches to support effective mathematics and numeracy practice in the NZ context, and of how to integrate approaches with the Manaiakalani kaupapa. Drawing on an understanding of the link between learner priority needs and teacher capability needs, the role will partner with teachers and schools to design scalable, repeatable learning sequences for teachers, enabling them to reliably embed new practices and sustain them over time.

The role takes a lead in linking evidence to practice in order to identify causality for positive change in learner achievement outcomes, supporting teachers to implement enhanced practice. It requires:

  • a sound understanding of effective teaching and learning practice.

  • expert knowledge of relevant research techniques and how to raise achievement by linking evidence to practice

  • deep knowledge and understanding of how children acquire mathematical knowledge and understanding and personal experience of getting repeated accelerated shift from learners in our target cohorts

  • the ability to work respectfully and effectively with teachers to deliver PLD that builds capability to sustain accelerated shift for the learner, transmitting knowledge in a way that is easy for teachers to connect with and implement

  • experience in applying digital technologies and platforms to increase accelerative opportunities for learners, and a desire to continue to seek improvement with new technologies and opportunities

The successful applicant will work as part of a highly collaborative innovation team, supporting Manaiakalani’s coherent PLD programme to drive evidence-based improvement. The role reports to and is supported by the research team manager who coordinates overall programme delivery and benefits from oversight and quality assurance from Woolf Fisher Research Centre. The research programme itself takes a formative approach, providing regular feedback to educators in order to effectively identify and scale up the most effective change practices.

For further information, please contact Manaiakalani Research Manager, Georgie Hamilton

Apply with CV and covering email to Jenny Oxley,

2. Manaiakalani Summer Learning Journey Blog Commentators

Fixed term for up to 30 hours per week 13 December 2021 - 21 January 2022.

The Manaiakalani Education Trust is seeking a team of creative communicators keen to make a positive impact on children’s learning engagement over their summer holidays. This role is well suited to teacher education students studying towards a teaching qualification.

The Summer Learning Journey programme is an educational blogging programme designed to keep children from predominantly low-decile schools engaged in learning during their summer holidays. Running since 2015, research shows that participation in the programme supports gains in reading, writing and maths during a period when achievement typically drops.

The primary purpose of the blog commenter role is to monitor student involvement in the programme and to provide personalised feedback to learners on the content of their blogs over the period of the programme. Blog commenters read students’ work (activity posts) and provide personalised comments, generally posting 6 - 8 comments per hour. The work is undertaken from home for up to 30 days between December and January. During this time, blog commentators attend weekly professional development sessions and a daily 9.00am team meeting with others in the Summer Learning Journey team. Blog commenting is usually undertaken during the daytime.

Blog Commenters receive full training prior to undertaking the role. They are not expected to be familiar with Blogger, Google Docs, etc, however, they are expected to be able to communicate clearly and accurately in English or Te Reo Māori .

The role attracts an hourly rate of $22.50 plus 8% holiday pay, and will require up to 30 hours per week.

View the Summer Learning Journey Blog Commenter Job Description here.

To apply, please complete this application form

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The Manaiakalani Education Trust

The Manaiakalani commitment is to support those New Zealand learners and families who find it difficult to access or afford local, global and digital citizenship. Manaiakalani Education Trust is an energetic and forward focused organisation to be part of. In 2021, the programme is partnering with around 120 schools in 15 locations as part of the Manaiakalani Programme Outreach.