Our Journey

Manaiakalani is a long-established community of learners who engage collaboratively to increase student outcomes through applied evidence based improvement in teacher practice.

Retooling School

How do we ReTool school to make it engaging, empowering and success making? At the same time how do we guarantee equity and access so that what our government calls “priority learners”, have the same opportunities for 3rd millennium citizenship as everybody else?

2007 Shared Outcome Statement

Project title: Manaiakalani 'The Hook from Heaven'

  1. To conduct a 4 year curriculum development project to raise student achievement outcomes and improve student engagement by linking key learnings from Schooling Improvement with developing practices from the national e-Learning Action Plan.

  2. To see teachers develop more effective practice using the direct instruction and micro- teaching pedagogy of Schooling Improvement followed by student practice using the media and technologies of e-Learning.

  3. To measurably raise student achievement outcomes in Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing and to measurably raise student engagement. To carry out robust and effective research and evaluation in collaboration with the Tamaki Achievement Pathway Schooling Improvement Initiative.

  4. To empower our students with an evidence based belief that their personal voice is valuable, powerful and can be heard around the planet from right here in this decile 1A community and that success need not be defined by the ability to leave.

  5. Engage students in the use of technologies that allow them to practice, produce, present and publish in something other than the media of historic failure.

  6. To continue to develop effective school practice through further growth, participation and collaboration in the professional learning community comprised by this cluster of schools and through collaboration with other clusters.

  7. To build capacity in the Tamaki Community by involving parents/whanau/aiga in the learning process.